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Xelion Android App

Download & Install

  • Use the QR code to go to

  • Press the badge for your app store.

  • Download the app.

  • Give the app permissions when it asks.

  • Log in with the data that you receive from your service provider.

The website and the app use the language that is set on your device.

Een QR code om de website mee te bezoeken.

Set your status

  • Press your avatar.
    A sidebar opens.

  • Select your status in the drop-down menu.

Your administrator may create custom statuses such as ‘at customer’.

Ask your administrator what those statuses are for.

The menu with presence statuses that a user can choose

Choose your lines

  • Press your avatar.
    A sidebar opens.
    There is a switch next to each line you have access to.

  • Put the switch in the correct position to join the line.
    If the name of the line is crossed out in the lines bar, you are not joined.

The overview with lines that a user can join.

Add a contact

  • Press the search icon at the bottom of the communication overview.

  • Enter the name of the new contact.

  • Press the plus icon to add the name as a new contact.

  • Choose if the name is a person or an organization.

  • Enter the other contact information.

A view of the search bar with a name and the button to enter that name as a new contact.

Make a call

  • If you want to search by name, press the search icon at the bottom of the communications overview.
    A search bar opens at the top of the communications overview.

    • Enter the name into the search bar. When the name comes up, press the name.
      The contact options expand.

    • Select the call icon from the contact options.
      Xelion starts the call.

  • If you want to search by number, press the dial icon at the bottom of the communications overview.

    • Enter the number with the dial pad.

    • Press the call icon.
      Xelion starts the call.

A view of a contact with visible contact options.
View of the timer that runs until Xelion makes a call to this phone number of the chosen contact.

Transfer a call

You need to be in an active conversation.

  • Press the transfer icon.
    The conversation is now placed on hold.

  • Call the contact to whom you want to transfer the conversation.
    Wait until the call is accepted.

  • Press the transfer icon.

  • Press the call to which you want to transfer the original conversation.

View of the call control screen where one conversation is on hold and another is active. From here, you can transfer the held conversation to the active conversation.

Set up voicemail

Your voicemail box should already be active.

  • Press the more icon.

  • Press Settings.

  • Press Call flow.

  • Press Missed calls.

  • Select the ‘Transfer to voicemail’.

When you receive a voicemail, you will see this in your communications overview.

View of the call forward options.
View of an audio file that contains a message left to the user's voicemail.



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