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Xelion Windows App

Download & Install

  • Use the QR code to go to

  • Press the badge for your app store.

  • Download the app.

  • Give the app permissions when it asks.

  • Log in with the data that you receive from your service provider.

The website and the app use the language that is set on your device.

Een QR code om de website mee te bezoeken.

Set your status

  • Press your avatar.
    Your user profile opens.

  • Select your status in the drop-down menu.

Administrators can make one of more custom statuses in Xelion.
If you see a status that is unclear to you, ask your administrator about it.


Choose your lines

  • Press your avatar.
    Your user profile opens.
    There is a switch in front of every line that you are allowed to join.

  • Put the switch in the correct position to join the line.


Add a contact

Make sure that the address book is opened on the desktop of the application.

  • Enter the name of the new contact in the search bar at the top of the address book.

  • Select ‘Add [contact name]’.

  • Select the correct category for the contact.

  • Enter the data for the new contact.


Make a call

  • Click on the blue button with the receiver in the bottom left of the communications overview.
    A pop-up with a detailed communications view opens.

  • Select a recent conversation, search for a contact by name, or dial a number from the keypad.
    When you have chosen the number the contact you want to communicate with, Xelion starts the call.


Transfer a call

You need to be in an active conversation.

  • In the active conversation view, press the transfer button.
    The active conversation is placed on hold and a pop up opens in which you can select a name or number.

  • Select the contact to whom you want to transfer the call.

  • Once the call is accepted, announce that you want to transfer the original conversation.

  • In the section for the call you want to transfer, click the transfer button again.

  • Select the conversation to which you want to transfer the original conversation.
    The call is now transferred.


Set up voicemail

Your voicemail box should already be active.

  • Press your avatar.
    Your user profile opens.

  • Go to the Call Routing section.

  • Adjust your voicemail settings.


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